Who We Are

Sugar = Sweet
Tree = Life
Inspired by the sweet life. Created for the sweet-faced.
At Sugar Tree Cosmetics, we are dedicated to helping you look your best and making life sweeter. You are our motivation. We want to hear from you. We want to see you glow.
Our goal is to be a trusted global cosmetic brand with formulas created and tested by skincare experts. Because what you put on your skin matters and we’re looking out for you. That means giving you some of the best of what nature has to offer to help heal and nourish your skin.

Our Backstory

Founder and cosmetics lover Deijah, has sensitive skin. After trying various products that claimed to use natural ingredients, give instant results and catered to specific skin types, she was left with dry, irritated skin and feeling disappointed. But committed to obtaining healthy skin, Deijah worked with skincare experts to test formulas until the perfect mixtures calmed and hydrated her skin. Deijah was sure she was not alone in this journey and shared formulas with friends and family. The feedback was unanimous. In 2019, Deijah decided to launch Sugar Tree Cosmetics so that your skin can heal as nature designed. Deijah says that caring for your skin is like caring for a tree. It must always be nurtured for it to bloom and be healthy inside and out.